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Due to its large size, truck accidents, including collisions with large truck drills, known as 18 wheels, often lead to serious injuries and damage to occupants of small cars and pedestrians.

You or someone you know has been involved in a truck accident or car accident, including any collision involving a fatality and wrongful death claim, in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino Or any other place in California? If so, please contact us now (contact us now) for an absolutely FREE case consultation; And with our personal injury lawyers and our firm with over 40 years’ experience in truck and car accidents. There is NO fee unless and until you WIN!

With truck accident cases in California, many different issues can arise for which prompt investigation is advised. Potential problems include the following:

  • The size and weight of the truck. Was the truck overloaded?
  • The route that the truck driver was following
  • How much time was given to the driver to complete the route and how many rest stops were assigned and for how long?
  • Many truck collisions occur because of tired drivers who, due to incentives or other reasons, try to cover too much ground in a day. Sometimes this results in drivers sleeping on the road and losing control of the vans.
  • The mechanical condition of the tractor-trailer, including the condition of its brakes.
  • Licenses, training and driving history of the truck driver.
  • Visibility and obstructions, including blind spots and whether the tractor-trailer had adequate mirrors and whether the truck driver was using them correctly

Many times truck accidents occur because, due to the size and weight of the trucks, including their cargo, they can often not be stopped at the moment when there is a stationary car or other hazard ahead. Truck drivers’ need proper training, including maintaining a safe driving space, due to the weight of their vehicles and the possibility of serious injuries that their vehicles may inflict. When a truck driver does not use much caution, especially in bad weather, a truck collision can result in serious injury.

Many of the truck accidents are also caused due to the poor visibility and large blind spots that most large truck drill rigs have. For this reason, it is always advised to keep a safe distance from trucks, especially on the highway.

Because large trucks of drilling rigs, 18 wheels and other types of commercial trucks are usually covered by commercial insurance policies, the insurance coverage for drivers of these vehicles is often much larger than those of drivers. Private cars, automobiles and motorcycles. These larger policies are often necessary due to the serious injuries and fatalities that your vehicles can cause to the occupants of smaller cars, motorcycles and pedestrians. Check out the best truck accident lawyer Redwood.

Our personal injury lawyers and law firm strive to offer personal and compassionate assistance to our clients while aggressively struggling to recover the full monetary compensation our clients deserve for their serious injuries as a result of accidents and collisions of trucks, automobiles and Motorcycles, including all monetary damages and damages allowed by California law for all injuries sustained, including the following:

  1. All the copper of the past and the future of the doctor, doctor, hospital, physiotherapy, psychological and dental expenses;
  2. All past and future loss of income and wages; Also all the time lost on the job, even if you paid for it under sick leave, vacation or other benefits as the responsible party should not benefit from the advantages you gained from your work and may have exhausted;
  3. The loss of enjoyment of life and activities that you missed due to your car accident, car or some other;
  4. All pain, suffering, emotional distress and discomfort of the past and the future;
  5. All damage to property, rental costs and all loss of use of the property (as sometimes one cannot afford to rent a replacement vehicle, but still suffers from loss of use of that truck or other property And, therefore, is entitled to compensation of money);
  6. All of the declining value of your property, which is the difference in value after your truck or car was repaired compared to its pre-collision value, which is usually more usually and you are entitled to additional compensation;
  7. And any other appropriate damages allowed under California law.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident or collision caused by or in connection with a truck, car or motorcycle, please call our personal injury lawyers and law office now that we have been handling truck and truck injuries Other personal injury cases for more than 40 years.

There are many special procedures and deadlines to follow, including California’s statute of limitations, so please DO NOT wait or your claim can be damaged or lost!

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