How much computer engineer earns

Computer engineering is one of the largest fields of engineering at the moment, and it only stands to grow larger as developing markets across the world such as India, China, Russia, and Brazil increase their demand for skilled computer engineers. There is, however, also the danger of a glut on the market, as American secondary schools de-emphasize science and engineering even as other countries expand these areas, which may lead to increased outsourcing of computer engineering away from North America. However, that may simply mean that skilled American computer engineers are more willing to move to various locations around the globe to pursue higher salaries. It’s also important to be aware that there is a distinction between computer hardware engineers and computer software engineers  the former works on the actual physical design of components, whereas the latter works with the software programming side of the computer.

According to the internationally recognized website, computer engineers in America with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a specialization in Computer Engineering can expect a wide variation in average annual salaries. Working as a software developer, you can expect a range between $39,732 and $98,116, although this increases by about $20-30,000 for senior developers. Computer engineering salary ranges is from $35,500 to $108,000. Additionally, these salary ranges will change depending on the company you choose to work for  working for a major American firm such as Microsoft, Google or Cisco Systems will give you a much higher average salary than working for a smaller company, as well as a more comprehensive benefits package, which is not included in the average salary calculation and can make a big difference in your disposable income at the end of the year, especially if you require regular medical attention

Overall, it is a smarter choice (at least from a salary perspective) to specialize in software engineering and development as opposed to hardware engineering, especially when you consider the fact that it is much harder to outsource software engineering than it is to outsource hardware engineering, although this may shift as international schools raise the quality of their graduates and multinational computer engineering companies localize their language preferences, which sadly de-emphasizes the value of American jobs, although there will always be some software design and architecture occurring within the United States proper.  To read about different types of engineering visit

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